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Our professional team will help you quickly organize your export from Sri Lanka around the world! Logistics channels are well established! You will not have to wait long, your personal manager is always in touch with you and will help you on all issues wherever you are! We cooperate directly and only with trusted farmers and organic farms throughout Sri Lanka.

The quality is confirmed by certificates! We share our experience and make your life easier in exporting any organic product from Sri Lanka.
Our task is to make export easier for you!
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Sarah Lewin
England, London
Hi! I need 10 tons of Cinnamon, delivery to London. Can you do it? How Much? How long?
Samuel Willson
Sri Lanka, Colombo
Hi! Yes, Sure! We can do it!
Delivery will take 1 month. Minimum Cost of 10 tons of cinnamon is 10000$.
We can propose you faster options, and lots of cinnamon varieties if you would like. Also we can suggest you a best time and options to order a best product according to your budget.
Would you like to have a form? (ответьте на вопросы и мы просчитаем вам подходящий вариант более детально, под ваш бюджет)
Sarah Lewin
England, London
Cool! Send me a form with questions here in WhatsApp i need to know more details, and keep in touch!
You really are doing EXPORT in very easy way!
Samuel Willson
Sri Lanka, Colombo
Hi! Your order has been processed and calculated. Choose the option that suits you best.
After that - within 24 hours, all the necessary documents will be ready for making an advance payment and sending the goods.
Within 4 working days after prepayment, your cargo will be dispatched.
All the details are already in your mail, I am always in touch.
Have a nice day!
export quality spices with the
standardized methodologies
We cooperate with manufacturers of export-quality spices according to standardized methods, with the highest food safety certificate for our process - FSSC 22000. Quality assurance is treated with great care at every stage, from the collection of raw materials to the finish, and the shipment of products. Every step is carefully monitored to prevent or control hazards that could affect products.
Based on the potential hazards, unique approaches have been adopted to deal with each hazard.

The detection of metals and the removal of impurities is carried out by modern and sophisticated equipment that improves the purity of the products. The processing methods for nutmeg and mace have been specifically designed to avoid the release of mycotoxins such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin. In addition, preventive measures have been taken to protect our products from other chemical contaminants such as biphenyl and anthraquinone. Microbiological quality is ensured by maintaining good hygiene standards throughout the entire process. Sterilization is also offered for finished products according to the requirements of our clients.

In addition, the effectiveness of these processing steps and control measures is confirmed by analysis of individual batches. Pesticide residues, aflatoxin, ochratoxin and microbiological quality are mandatory analyzed in renowned laboratories in Europe and the USA to ensure product compliance.

A laboratory has been established to test key quality parameters such as moisture, water activity and volatile oil content. These tests are carried out by qualified and specially trained quality assurance personnel and the data obtained from the tests are evaluated, which will contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality processes.
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This is a product certification that ensures the products are certified as per European Union Organic regulations which defines the principles of organic farming and production, labeling, control and import rules. The use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers are strictly restricted, use of additives and preservatives are tightly limited, no GMOs are allowed in this certification.
The National Organic Program (NOP) is the regulatory framework that is established to govern the Organic food in USA implemented by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It rules and regulates the organic practices in crop production, organic production and handling standards, organic livestock requirements, labeling organic products, non GMO practices and biosecurity in organic poultry operations.

The JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) for organic plants and organic processed foods of plant origin were established to govern the organic products on the Japanese market. The standard was based on the guidelines for the production, processing, labeling and marketing of organically produced foods which were adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The JAS system was further developed by adding the standards for organic livestock products, organic processed foods of animal origin and organic feeds to the existing system.
Fairtrade International has set standards for ethical trading which gives better prices and working conditions to farmers and workers in developing countries. Fairtrade is a product certification and which has defined a fairtrade premium for each commodity which contributes to the improvement of the livelihood of farmers and growers. Flo-Cert act as the auditing and certification body for Fairtrade Standards for Joint Agric. Ceylon Products.
Demeter certification is given for the products produced using 'Biodynamic Agricultural Practices'. The certification is obtained through a verification process that ensures compliance with the International Demeter Production and Processing Standards along with the organic regulations applicable in various countries. The use of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, artificial additives is restricted and the presence of farm animals is regulated in this certification.

Naturland certification focuses on sustainable management, nature conservation and climate protection in actual practice, preserving and maintaining the soil, air and water, as well as consumer protection. This certification is issued by Naturland International based on Germany. In addition to the EU Organic standards, Naturland focuses on the social standards where organic agriculture is managed according to fairtrade principals.
Bio Suisse is an umbrella organization that represents the federation of Swiss Organic Farmers. Bio Suisse certification is issued to foreign companies that comply with the relevant directives and who wish to distribute their products in Switzerland. Objectives of Bio Suisse Standard are protecting Natural diversity on the organic farm, feeding no use of chemically synthesized pesticides or fertilizers, No use of genetic engineering, No use of unnecessary additives such as flavourings, colourings and inspection of organic production and processing

The FSSC 22000 is a GFSI recognized Food safety management system. FSSC system consists of the technical standards of ISO 22000 standard and some additional requirements special for FSSC 222000. FSSC 22000 identifies, evaluates and controls the food safety hazards that may occur in the production processes with documented procedures at each step.

The BRC stands for the British Retail Consortium, the organization which was formed to harmonize the food safety standards across the world. BRC standard gives a framework for managing the safety, integrity and quality of the products and services. Our Coconut products and dehydrated products manufacturing facilities are certified for BRC certification.
Control Union certification is awarded by the institute Control Union based on Netherlands. It is an internationally recognized inspection and certification body. They perform in many industries such as Organic agriculture, Sustainability, Social compliance, Textiles, Quality management systems etc.
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Antonia T de Silva
Very tasty, very fast, super easy!
This Tea is great. Ceylon Tea had the reputation of being the best tea in the world, especially when the British were occupying the country. Ceylon Tea is still the best! Thanks to you Tea we can still have a good cup of Ceylon Tea. The packet even had a nice spoon to scoop the tea.
Andrew Black
Great service.
I am delighted with your company, everything was done so quickly and easily. I received my shipment on time, everything was packed perfectly, the stickers were printed, and the packaging was correct. Very satisfied.
Edward Vakhler
Pure taste of Pure Ceylon! Wow!
This is the by far the best black loose leaf tea for this price. It has much better taste than everyday labels, beats mid-priced teas, and competes well with top-priced teas. It also easily survives for several hours in a teapot if you like to brew a large one without overbrewing and bitterness. Just try it once and see for yourself.
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